Friday, March 23, 2012

Glitter-bomb: tutus for trucks

Ok, so you saw the last post about the cute shirts I made for the boys and older girls to wear to Monster Jam when it was in our hometown, but I made something extra crazy special for the little girls. 

Little girls (and some of us older girls) love sparkles, but after this great idea I had, I've had my fill of glitter from while. 

I made the little girls tutus... out of tulle coated in glitter. 

When I saw this sparkly goodness in the store, I just knew the little girls would love it.

So I bought enough to make four lovely tutus.

And in making them, I have permanently coated one end of our couch and a large part of our living room carpet in silver and orange sparkles. 

You're welcome, Hubs. :)

Here's one of the little angels blowing kisses - not sure if she's blowing them at the trucks or if Uncle Awesome was on the big screen... either way, she was pretty cute in her Maximum Destruction tutu. 

After having a few tutu-clad gals running around our seats and crawling all over us, we all had enough glitter all over us that we could've gone out and stood on the corner and fit in with the workin' girls, ifyaknowwhatimean.  There was so much glitter on the floor in front of our seats that it was actually slick to try to walk on. (The poor, unfortunate folks sitting in the row in front of us had glitter all over their backs...whoops... hope none of them were married men that had to answer to their wives when they got home as to why they had glitter all over their back!  HA!)

But here's the group of kiddos in their cute gear after the show.  All of the kiddos did a great job and everyone had a lot of fun. It was a great show. 

I don't think anyone cried or had a meltdown... other than me... in the car... when it was time to leave them all.  I just can't help but love 'em! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Making t-shirts for some truck-lovin' kiddos

I have some pretty outstanding nieces and nephews. 

They have a way of really making my heart melt with their sweetness. 

Most of them think their uncle (the one I'm married to) is pretty awesome, and I think it's pretty awesome that they thing he's Uncle Awesome. 

And when Monster Jam is coming to their town, they think he's neater than sliced bread (do people still say that? Have little kids ever said that? I don't know...) 

But the point I'm making is that these are some monster truck lovin' kids... especially Maximum Destruction since that's who their Uncle Awesome works for. 

And, because I want to be their favorite aunt wanted them to have something special for this year's Monster Jam and because I tend to be distracted by shiny things, I decided I was going to make the boys and two older girls t-shirts to wear at the show, and the smallest of them all would be getting a hand crafted onesie. (I made something different for the four younger girls, but that'll have to wait for another post... I still haven't recovered from all the glitter)

That's an order for four boy t-shirts, two girly t-shirts and one adorable onesie. 

I started with the girls' shirts

I used my little Cricut to cut the words out of freezer paper and peeled out the letters and kept the negative space to use as a stencil, along with the middle of the o's and a's.

I ironed on my handy-dandy stencils and used some Tulip glue-for-tshirts-stuff and then sprinkled it with gold glitter.  And then I let it dry for many, many hours. (but the directions only said two hours - that was my bad.)

For the boys' shirts, I made stencils the same way and used some silver fabric paint to fill them in, and then I repeated the painting, and then I put on another coat, and then I put on another coat (seriously, like four coats of the stuff!)

Here's the finished product of the older girls' shirts (I secretly LOVE them and was really tempted to make one for myself, but thought that might be a bit too "crazy-craft-lady")

For the little guy, I made two onesies, but only because I put a hole in the first one trying to peel off the stencil (turns out if you use old-school puff paint and let it dry, the stencil won't come off. And then, if you try to peel if off using your brute-force, you just might end up ripping it.  Oh well, guess that's why plain white onesies are sold in packets of three!) But for the onesie that turned out, I used the old-school puff paint and then PEELED OFF THE STENCIL BEFORE IT DRIED! See, I do learn from my mistakes.)

And he loved it :)

And they loved them :)

The older girls loved theirs too, but I didn't get a picture of just them, so you'll have to stay tuned.

(but for reals, yo, don't I have some of the most adorable nephews you ever did see? Yeah, I think so, too)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The never ending hallway

Hi readers!

'Member me? The chick that writes this blog on a no-way-regular-or-planned-or-even-slighty-scheduled manner?

Yeah, that's me.

I figure you've either written me off or forgotten about me, so I reckon I'm writing this for a whole 'lotta no one.

Hi, no one.

Have you ever had a dream that you're walking down a hallway and you never come to the end of it?

I have. In my dreams, it kinda looks like this...

Oh wait, that's my for real hallway.

And it's not that long... but it is never ending, in a less-than-philosophical way.

And no, I haven't gotten started on my laundry room.  I got sidetracked by the hallway.

I start painting it... I painted all the grey and half of the white trim....

And then I ran out of painter's tape.  You know, the blue stuff that keeps the white paint on the trim and not all over the walls.

And then I ate a meal.... and then I slept... we all slept... for many moons

But then I found another project I wanted to do and I MADE myself finish the painting before I started anything else.

And now, the hallway is done!

(Please note: by "done" I mean that the painting is done and the blue tape is removed, but the wall register is not painted or replaced and the photos are not hung up.)

Now, on to our regularly scheduled laundry room redo...eventually

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