Friday, April 27, 2012

The hallway that made me feel smart (thanks to Pinterest)

We're (meaning "I'm") still working on redecorating the new house.  

We've (meaning "I've") got a ways to go yet, but the never-ending hallway is a little bit closer to done.  

I hung abuncha pictures in the hallway and I did not:
*have to put any extra holes in the wall,
*spend hours trying to get them evenly placed on the wall, or
*hurt myself in the process!  (Go ME!)

Instead, I looked through abuncha "gallery wall" tutorials and idea on Pinterest and I settled on this idea that made me feel like one of the smartest girls in the world.  

Arrange the photos on the floor on a giant piece of (or several small pieces of taped-together) paper.

Outline all the frames on said paper, set frames aside and tape the doodled-on paper on the wall. 

Gather necessary tools: hammer, nails, level and some nail polish.

Put a dab of nail polish on the hanger of the first frame.  Hold the frame up to the paper, center, level it and then push it up against the paper so the polish can mark where the nail should go. 

About three frames in, I realized the polish was making a bigger mess than it was worth and I switched to using toothpaste... now the frames smell minty fresh!

Hang all the photos right over the paper and then rip the paper out from behind them. 

Waalah! A picture wall that looks like a million bucks and that made me feel brilliant!! 

(Yes, I am aware that a couple of the frames are still empty, but I'm working on it!)  ;)

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