Friday, January 6, 2012

The next house project

Up next on the house re-do to-do list will be the laundry room.  

She ain't big, and she ain't beautiful (yet!), but I already love her.  In our old house, the laundry was in the corner of the basement.  It was nice because I could spread out, but it was a basement and there were occasionally spiders in our dirty clothes and that, for many reasons, creeps me out!

So here is my new hardest-working-room in the house.

It's pretty basic at this point - washer, dryer, baskets and dog feeding/drinking area.

I love the hooks on the wall.... don't love the color.  That will be going.  The pantry is just to the right (outside of the picture.)

But before I begin this project, what do you have in your laundry room that you love? 

What's in your laundry room that you hate?  
Mine needs a place for what I call "nasty" clothes... Hubs mechanic-ing clothes.... think gear oil, tranny fluid, etc. (I hate them... they stink and make my washing machine nasty)

Any wonderful suggestions that I simply MUST include?

Clue me in here, folks... let me learn from your mistakes and what you love!


Thanks! (and I will, of course, let you know how it goes)  

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