Monday, July 4, 2011

A note on perseverance and inspirational sayings...

Here's the thing...I've gotten addicted to Pinterest

And one of the most popular things about Pinterest is the sayings, the posters, the inspirational signs and notes and what-nots.  I have a board dedicated to the lovely ones that catch my eye.  

But the thing that has me conflicted is that I think some of them are a buncha crap.  Sorry for the lack of discretion... 

From Pinterest

With the situation I'm in (looking for work and feeling like I'm spinning my wheels and twiddling my thumbs waiting for people to call me back.. and side rant... anyone applied for jobs lately?! It sucks because so often, you apply through an online form and never even know if it got to the right place!  grrrrrr...) and living in a cramped apartment with three dogs that have a yard the size of a putting green to do their business in (actually, a putting green is probably bigger).  I'm really trying to stay positive, but it's hard to dream big or move the mountains if they're in your way when you're spending time waiting on someone else to JUST CALL ME BACK! 

I think everyone has their own version of inspiration and mine centers around humor and reminding me not to take myself too seriously.

So instead of turning to the internets for advice on how to make the impossible possible or some other one- liner of crap, I turn there for a laugh.

Some of the things on my Pinterest board that I use for encouragement include:

From Pinterest and here

From Pinterest and Here

More from Pinterest and here

I really am, though.  From Pinterest and here

From Pinterest and here

From Pinterest

And this one, which is the closest thing to inspirational IMO.

From Pinterest and This Blog

After all, in my little world, the most inspiring thing I have going for me is a Hubs that appreciates me, prays for me and who wakes me up each morning (as he's going to work and I'm staying in bed for another two hours because I have nothing to do) with a kiss and says, "good luck today, honey."

And that is the most inspiration I need, just someone to believe in me. 

(blogger's note: after writing this post and scheduling it for a few days later, I got a job offer!  Pending a drug test and background check, I'll be starting a new job in the middle of July!  Now, if I can just stay clean... ha ha! - that's funny because anyone who knows me IRL knows that's far from a problem)  

Friday, July 1, 2011


One weekend before it got really hot and gross, one of my cousins and I spend some time helping our Grandparents clean up their upstairs.  

It includes two bedrooms and the attic and my Grandma had gotten it on her brain that she needed to be cleaning it up.  Granted, it's a mess with stuff stacked and piled everywhere, but the two bedrooms raised three kids.  And since the grandparents are getting older, they really don't have any reason to be spending time up there, let alone going up and down the stairs.  So, cousin, Grandma and I spent a day working in the first bedroom and got it straightened up some.  In the process, Grandma let me take home a few treasured items that I remembered playing with as a kid.  

One of those treasurers being Booby-Trap, the game by Parker Brothers. 

And because we were having a family get-together the following day (and because Hubs hadn't ever played before) I took it to the parents' house.

The object of the game is to load up three different-sized pieces into a spring loaded, pressurized rectangle and to take turns pulling out pieces and not pull out ones that have pressure on them (or something like that)

Little Mister really had fun playing, but I think most of the fun came from the 'snap!' the contraption makes and because he got to yell, "Booby-Trap!"

Little Miss was playing, too, but certainly wasn't following the rules...

.... because she kept trying to chew on the pieces! 

We had fun and didn't lose or break any of the pieces, so I count it as success!
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