Thursday, January 27, 2011

Test Model

Here's a quick post.... with pictures of an adorable little man (specifically the little "big" man I live with.  He's about to be a big brother in two weeks!)

I was getting ready to (try) to do some "real" pics of this little man.  I thought it was going to go swimmingly well because he was so excited as I was trying to adjust my lighting and the backdrop.  

However, after he got his nice shirt on and I got all set, it went downhill.  

Therefore, here are some of the cutest pictures with some of the worst lighting ever! (These are all SOC, fyi)  

Luckily, his cuteness makes up for it...right?  

Yes, I think so. 

"Say 'cheese.'"

At this point, Aunt Whit was funny.

Still funny
Still having a good time...

And this is when we knew we were done... like it or not! 

Monday, January 17, 2011

What's new wit 'choo?

I haven't been around here much.  Sorry about that.  I know you've missed me.  

(I also know you just stopped to scroll up and look at my header because you thought to yourself, "wait, who IS this person?  What blog did I click on?  I just saw the thumbnail photo and wanted to see baby pictures."  That's okay, I don't mind.)

Let's see... where have I been and what have I been doing (besides blogging)... I've been doing laundry, sweeping up dog hair, working, vacuuming up dog hair, changing the sheets because they are covered in dog hair, brushing the dogs and cleaning up dog hair. 

The dog hair is a full time job, peeps, I kid you not.  It's ridiculous!  (look for a separate dog hair post... take your allergy pill before you read it tho... you've been warned.) 

Other than that, we had the holidays, Hubs started first quarter with Monster Jam and I've been piddling around the house two-room mansion keeping myself busy.  It really seems like I should be able to tell you I've read a book or accomplished something really great, but I've just been living life in my own little world.  

Speaking of my own little world, there's a new niece in my world!  And to make up for my blogging absence, I thought I'd post some adorable photos to make your heart melt and then you'll forget how bad of a blogger I've been.  

Good plan?  I thought so too!

Here's Miss Liliann at 10 days old.

And one with her momma

This is her big brother who kept telling me that having me take his picture was ruining his day and making it the worst day of his life

Clearly, it was the worst day ever!

He's giggling under those arms

He also refused to take pictures with his sister in only her diaper.  For this picture, I kept saying, "just talk to her," which resulted in him telling his sister how his Aunt Whit and Mommy were ruining his day.

This shot, however, was pretty much unprovoked, so he wasn't hating it that much.  :) 

He does seem to be loving having a little sister

And I think she loves him, too

little baby + BIG flower = adorable

She's clearly picture perfect!
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