Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pig Tails...

I've already talked about the biggest sign that summer's on it's way, the annual shaving of the dogs.

But last night, another sign was received.  Nothing written in the stars or anything weird like that, but more of a "special delivery."

This is the second year that Hubs and I will be raising some freezer pork in our back yard.  Last year, we raised a gilt and a barrow and named then Dave and Jodi (we won't go into why we named them that, just know that's what we called them.)

And, I'll be honest, they were/are delicious!  With two pigs, we had plenty to share with the family, but the problem is that everyone thought they were delicious and wanted more (Other than my ma-in-law who wouldn't try any of the pork b/c she met Dave and Jodi.... she's not allowed near the barn this summer... sorry ma-in-law!)

So we doubled up our production.  Meet Dave, Dave, their brother Dave and their other brother Dave.

 But before we could unload the pigs, Hubs wanted to make sure they would like their new home (and not try to get out of it), so he mowed the pasture.  After all, pigs don't eat grass, they root it up and waller in it.

 Yes, that's a monster truck tire in the piggy play-yard.  Last year, Dave and Jodi liked to rub on it and chase each other around it.  And, we found that if they have other things in their pen to rub on, they won't rub on the fence and damage it.
 This is one of the nipple waterers they have access to.  These pigs came from an operation that used the same style of waterers, so the barrows already know how to use them... and will prolly make a huge mess...
 More mowing....
 Me taking pictures to kill time while he mows...
 Finally, it's time to let the wild things out of the trailer!

 And they immediately begin rooting around in the mud -- they ARE pigs, after all.

 Wait a sec, Hubs thinks the waterer is leaking... turns out it sure was.  But he worked on it and patched it up until he can get the parts to fix it.  (That's how we do things out here... patch 'em till we fix 'em!  After all, pigs can't go without water!)
 The dogs were excited to see pigs again...

 I don't think the pigs were as excited to see the dogs...

 And so begins another summer!

Lemme say something though before I go... yeah, these pigs will be living outside - the barn only has three sides.  They have straw to bed down in, but it isn't that glamorous for them.  Like last night, their first night here, we had a hard freeze and they all huddled up together in the barn to stay warm.

I have NO problem with purchasing pork from the grocery that is inspected and labeled properly and all that.  Hubs and I are just raising these for something to do with a bit of our property.  We're feeding them feed store feed, nothing special.  And we'll treat them medically if they need it... just like the big producers do.

So while this looks like a cute, down-on -the-farm kinda project, it's not our way of making a statement about modern agriculture or saying that everyone should raise their own pork. This is only a fun project for me the first couple weeks, then they get ornery and stinky and I start counting the days until these little piggies go to market!

We support all kinds of agriculture at Slammin' Door farms  ;)

Until next time...

ahhhhh... new stuff happening 'round these parts!

OK, just a quick note -- notice my new header?  (it's that title thing up there ^ with the road... and the corn...and the words...)

Special thanks to Cris over at Goodeness Gracious for helping me out with that.  I think it really gives this place some flava -- don't you?

Also, big news in the world of tiny computers....  I started the week (actually ended last week) with my new friend, Bluebelle.  A teeney tiny computer for a not so teeney tiny gal (that's me, BTW)

So today, I 'membered to bring in my flat panel monitor from home

 (Hubs got the monitor for me my senior year at Purdue -- that was 7 years ago! -- and I never got to use it too much because shortly after I graduated, my home computer took a dive and I started working at a place that had computers and I had no desire to use one by the time I got home.  So long story short, I had a nice new monitor I never really got to use)

Fast forward to now -- I had a need for it!  Yay!  Now the company would've gladly supplied me with a bigger monitor than the one I have that would've prolly had that new monitor smell (wait, what?)  but there's no need to spend more money than necessary, even if the money's not mine to start with.

So my day is starting off marvelously!  I re-ran a few cords and -- BADA BING BADA BOOM-- I'm in business!  I'll have to move my sign with Rosie the Riveter so I can see her... I need to be reminded every now and then that "We Can Do It!"

 It's the little things that make my day, ya know?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Summer's Coming!

We all have our own reasons for liking -- or loving -- summer.  For me, I prefer the mild temps of Spring before all the bugs come out, but summer's pretty awesome, too, for its late sunsets and cookouts and all those fun things that groom us all from an early age to long for the season.

But, the best part about summer in the world I live in is the annual shaving of the dogs!  I know it sounds strange, but this is the life I lead -- one where coming home from work and seeing that the hubs has shaved The Hairy One just makes my week!

Here's The Hairy One before:

And here he is after his summer 'do:

The hubby says he looks like a lamb, and compared to his hairy-self before, I can agree.

But the best part about having the dog shaved is no more huge clumps of hair all over the furniture (and carpet and blankets and everything else) -- and that's why I am so happy to see it done... even if he looks like lamb.

(Although, side note to any of you who might have participated in livestock judging through FFA or 4-H or college, I do fight the urge to walk up behind him and run my hands down his back and over his ribs to see how close to "finished" he is.  Wait... that just got weird....)

After The Hairy One became The Naked-Looking One, it started to rain and I haven't been able to spend enough time outside to give The Little One his haircut, so that post will have to wait.

Until next time... I'll keep sweeping up his dog hair!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Day, Tiny Computer

Big Day!

Whoa, we got new computers here in the office today and lemme say, these boogers are small!

I've named her Bluebelle (because she's navy blue, but I don't know if you can see that or not!)  

The static cling plastic is still on her, too.  I like to let things seem as new as possible for as long as possible to prevent that crying breakdown where I sob, "Can't I just have something nice for a change!"   (Like the time I hit a coon in my brand new car and broke the air-dam in two -- and two months later totaled it on a highway that was NOT surrounded by corn but rather semi trucks!  Her name was Ruby and I miss her)

But just for some perspective, that's my AP Stylebook it is sitting on and for those of you - if any of you - live and die by an AP Stylebook, you know it's ain't the biggest book on the shelf.  (It is about the only book on my shelf, though!) (And, note to regular readers, AP style is not permitted in this blog!)

And yes, that's a Max D tiny toy truck sitting next to it.  (My life has a lot to do with Monster Jam, there will be more on that in posts to come, I'm sure.)  Playing with the toy truck helps me through writer's block, and yes, I'm kinda a tomboy like that. 

Anywhoo, I'm still typing on a wireless keyboard because Bluebelle's keyboard is a bit cramped for my Goliath fingers until I get used to it.  

But it's exciting to think about what fun stories I'll get to write on Miss Bluebelle... it's a great time to be involved in agriculture!

Till Next Time...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Movie's Characters

Who would you want to play you in a movie?  

A few months ago, I would've said Sandra Bullock, but we all know how that story's ending.  

But seriously, I do think of myself as that girl next door who keeps to  herself about most things.  I am married to a guy's-guy who spends his days playing either with trucks or in the dirt, but it pays the bills. 

I am a field editor for Indiana AgriNews, a weekly agriculture newspaper, and I travel the state listening, learning and (eventually) writing articles about all kinds of fun topics. 

I have visited with all kinds of producers from large to small, organic to commercial, from goats to buffalo, etc.  You name it, if it's a part of Indiana agriculture, I've likely seen it -- and if I haven't, I want to!

Besides agriculture through work, my hubby and I live in the country on a dead end road.  While it sounds fun, quiet and quaint, the place we have isn't where we want to be "forever."  That being said, the house and property is up for sale and I'm sure there'll be plenty of posts on that (unless it sells today -- two showings!)

I am from a farming family and I love that.  I had always thought I would end up back at the farm, but have found myself as a communicator for the industry instead.  I don't get as much dirt under my nails, but I also don't normally have to put in 14 hour days at the paper.

Back to my movie... after all, this blog's about me!

I'd need a studly man to play my hubby,

 a couple of outstanding folks to play my folks, about a half dozen ladies to be my sisters-in-law, about as many guys to be brothers-in-law, one dude to play my brother and about a dozen monkeys to play all my nieces and nephews.  Then there are my awesome in-laws and  my grandparents who need to be on the set, too.

We'll need to cast three dogs -- a little one, a big one and a hairy one.  I would say I could just cast my real dogs to play themselves, but they aren't the most social (the neighbor kids are scared of them b/c they get a bit too excited.  Could you imagine them on a movie set?!)

(The movie isn't in production yet, so don't hold your breath!)

Until next time...
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