Friday, July 1, 2011


One weekend before it got really hot and gross, one of my cousins and I spend some time helping our Grandparents clean up their upstairs.  

It includes two bedrooms and the attic and my Grandma had gotten it on her brain that she needed to be cleaning it up.  Granted, it's a mess with stuff stacked and piled everywhere, but the two bedrooms raised three kids.  And since the grandparents are getting older, they really don't have any reason to be spending time up there, let alone going up and down the stairs.  So, cousin, Grandma and I spent a day working in the first bedroom and got it straightened up some.  In the process, Grandma let me take home a few treasured items that I remembered playing with as a kid.  

One of those treasurers being Booby-Trap, the game by Parker Brothers. 

And because we were having a family get-together the following day (and because Hubs hadn't ever played before) I took it to the parents' house.

The object of the game is to load up three different-sized pieces into a spring loaded, pressurized rectangle and to take turns pulling out pieces and not pull out ones that have pressure on them (or something like that)

Little Mister really had fun playing, but I think most of the fun came from the 'snap!' the contraption makes and because he got to yell, "Booby-Trap!"

Little Miss was playing, too, but certainly wasn't following the rules...

.... because she kept trying to chew on the pieces! 

We had fun and didn't lose or break any of the pieces, so I count it as success!

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  1. Ah the treasures to be found in Grandma's house! What a fun game, back from my childhood!


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