Monday, September 19, 2011

You dropped a bomb on me, baby!

(editor's note: my formatting seems to have gotten all screwed up... at least it looks like it on my end...sorry about that!)

So there's this chick I know....

She's pretty cool....

She helps run her family's dairy over in Indiana (which gives her extra cool points in my book!)....

And she's had a hand dealt to her that's taking a bit of the spring out of her step but not the smile off her face...

This is Leontien and she's one of the most fearless gals I know.  (and when I say I "know" her, I do mean mostly through her blog, Four Leaf Clover Tales.) 

If you have some time, you can read through her blog and find out why so many people think she's as great as I do.  

And while it's not my place to go into the details about the battle she's fighting, please keep her in your prayers as she faces round two with cancer.  

You can leave her a comment on her blog or visit the Love for Leontien Facebook page. 

If anyone can kick caner's butt, it's this gal... she's tough!

And while I was thinking about writing about my life today, I felt like I couldn't resist dropping a "Love Bomb" on Leontien because I know that the things on my mind are nothing compared to what may be on hers.  

After all, everybody needs a little luck...

Right, Leontien?   


  1. Hi sweet Whitney!!!

    My gosh girl that is just so amazing and God truly works in amazing ways!

    And yeah! Everybody needs a little bit of luck! ;-)

    Thank you sooooooo much if i could give you a hug i would do it! (maybe some day soon???)



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