Friday, January 6, 2012

The next house project

Up next on the house re-do to-do list will be the laundry room.  

She ain't big, and she ain't beautiful (yet!), but I already love her.  In our old house, the laundry was in the corner of the basement.  It was nice because I could spread out, but it was a basement and there were occasionally spiders in our dirty clothes and that, for many reasons, creeps me out!

So here is my new hardest-working-room in the house.

It's pretty basic at this point - washer, dryer, baskets and dog feeding/drinking area.

I love the hooks on the wall.... don't love the color.  That will be going.  The pantry is just to the right (outside of the picture.)

But before I begin this project, what do you have in your laundry room that you love? 

What's in your laundry room that you hate?  
Mine needs a place for what I call "nasty" clothes... Hubs mechanic-ing clothes.... think gear oil, tranny fluid, etc. (I hate them... they stink and make my washing machine nasty)

Any wonderful suggestions that I simply MUST include?

Clue me in here, folks... let me learn from your mistakes and what you love!


Thanks! (and I will, of course, let you know how it goes)  

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  1. My husband has an old washing machine (not sure if this is total line with building codes) in the garage where all of his greasy oil or dirtiest cow clothes are washed. They come in to dry, but he washes them out there first! It works for me!


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