Friday, May 7, 2010

Kool-Aid at 3am

Ok, so this post doesn't have any pictures -- reference the 3am part of the title.  There's not much clear thinking that happens at 3am for me.

Long story short, Hubs had been outta town one day and I was expecting to be home that night about supper time.  Well, he was driving back up from Nashville, TN (ya know, the place with all the water as of late) and got stuck in traffic.  He didn't get home until 3 in the morning and needless to say, I was SOUND asleep (until he got in the driveway and the dogs started barking that is.)

Being a bad terrible lazy overworked gal, I certainly wasn't getting up to greet him at the door.  After all, I was being helpful -- I was keeping the bed warm for him!

At least I didn't think I was getting out of bed at 3am... that is until he walked in and flipped on the bedroom light and said, "get up.  The fridge is leaking kool-aid all over the floor."

I give him credit for not freaking out or panicking.  By the time I got to the kitchen, he had three wet towels (and they were rags -- he even was a good man and went to the basement to get rag towels instead of just using the nearby purty ones!) and was cleaning the fridge inside out and top to bottom.

So what happened to cause a kool-aid flood in the kitchen at 3am?

We drink a lot of kool-aid at our house -- it isn't actually brand-name Kool-Aid, it's Wal*Mart knock off sugar free Crystal Light strawberry, banana and orange mix.(It's da bomb, and for a kick could be mixed with a bit of Sprite, Mt. Dew or regular OJ)

To avoid having to make a new batch each night, I had bought a big sun tea container at Wal*Mart with a spout on it and mixed up a double batch of the stuff.

Well, I'm thinking that when I closed the fridge door after sitting the jar in there, the condiments in the door pushed down the lever just enough (or the dumb thing just leaked!) to allow the kool-aid to roll freely like a river into the fridge, onto the floor, over the floor, under the fridge, behind the fridge, etc.

What a mess...  But God bless the man I married for staying up to help clean it, not freaking out about it (we are after all trying to sell the house and a kool-aid stained floor doesn't really match my decor) AND for using rags and paper towels so as not to stain my good towels.

I am pretty crazy about him, even though he does usually occasionally drive me crazy.

I feel sorry for any gal out there who's looking for a good man to call her own because I think I got the last one...

Until the next adventure.... (and here's hoping it has nothing to do with 3am wake-up calls!)


  1. lol. I probably would have said, "I'll clean it up in the morning."

  2. That totally sounds like something that would happen to me...3 am and all ;)


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