Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The randomness that is my life...

...I've had a couple people mention that they enjoy reading my blog in order to get to know me better.  (after all, isn't that what we're all here for anyway... to peer into someone else's life so we can share our own triumphs and trials with someone?)

So, to give you a better idea about me, here's a short story (at least I'm intending on it to be short) with pictures about my evening.  Nothing traumatic happened, this is just a glimpse into the random things that make up my life... or at least 5-6 hours of one evening.

After work, I headed to one of my nephew Will's graduation ceremony.  I know what you're thinking, "Whitney, you are way too young to have a nephew already graduating high school!"  I know, I know... {blushes}... and you're right.  ;)

Mr. William graduated from pre-K last night.  He attends (or attended pre-school at my church)

He's a pretty cute little thing, isn't he?  He's got girlfriends... that's right, that's plural... as in more than one little gal thinks he's a cute as I do!

 (It's a cruddy pic, I know.  I'm a bad aunt and didn't take my camera in with me, even though hubs couldn't be there to see the little guy!  This is from Mother-In-Law's phone)
Mind you, this wasn't my first graduation ceremony for one of the monkeys in my life....  the oldest, Sam, graduated from kindergarten a few years ago, as did her sister, Ali. Their bro, Cole, will graduate from kindygarten in a couple of weeks.  And Chloe, the youngest of the Kentucky-based monkeys, graduates from pre-K like Will did a week before Cole!  (geesh, these kids grow up so fast!)

So I went to Will's graduation and watched as he sang "I'm in the Lord's Army" just like I did many years ago at the exact same church.... (tear!)

On the way to graduation, I stopped at Wally World to look for a toy Max D truck for niece, Cai Bear, because she lost hers and her dear momma put out a call for someone to try to find a new one before Cai realized it was MIA.  I didn't find a truck, but I did find these babies... they were calling my name!  

I spent $5 on all of them... and in my book, that's a WIN!

After graduation, the rest of the familia went out to eat, but I headed home to let the dogs out and so I wouldn't have to feed Dave, Dave, Dave and Dave in the dark.  

Once I was back in the house, all the critters were settled, the trash and recycling were changed, the dishes were done and I got my jammies on (these are the priorities in my life), I proclaimed loudly for all (the dogs) to hear, "Let's organize those junk drawers!"  

They were not nearly as thrilled as I was...

"Really, Mom, organizing...?"
"Yeah, you go ahead lady, I'll be right here..."
"I'll just lay here and look scary with my eyes reflecting off the floor while you work on that..."

(Notice the recycling in the background waiting to go out.. ha!)

But I felt the need... the need for clean!

After all, here's what I was facing:
Drawer #1


Ahhh, can you hear my sigh of contentment?

Here's the other one:



This second drawer really was in BAD shape.... let's just say there was a heated discussion in the house about trying to find the hammer that is supposed to live in this drawer.  Turns out, upon organizing, I found said hammer under a buncha junk (hence the "junk" drawer) and now there are TWO hammers living here.  Ya know, in case one walks off or burrows under stuff again!

I also accomplished another major To-Do in my house while I was cleaning the drawers ... (multitasking at its finest, really)...I got caught up on Parks and Recreation with Amy Pohler and Private Practice with the ever so charming and white-teethed Taye Diggs.  :)

So, yeah, that was my night.... graduation, The Lord's Army, pigs, dogs and junk!  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

Until the next adventure...


  1. I live for multi-tasking, yet my husband considers throwing clothes in the wash and then going to sit down and watch TV his multi-tasking. :) Glad to see your drawers are organized.

  2. I guess that hammer didn't want to be used, huh? It was hiding?


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