Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Reading Material

I love a good book. 

And while some of my "blogger buddies" have very adult tastes in reading material, I like to stick to simpler topics.  

Notably children's books.

My grandma was the librarian at the elementary school when I was growing up and I think that has a lot to do with my love for reading.  I seem to remember spending time between the rows of books on the floor reading after school while waiting on Grandma to take me home (b/c I was way too cool to ride the bus... at least when I had the option of a direct ride home via Grandma's car). 

At her house and at my other grandparents' house, there were always plenty of books to read as a source of entertainment.  

No video games.  


Anywhoo... a couple of years ago when central Indiana had major floods that ripped through the area, my and my hub's basement flooded.  Luckily, the flood was considered part of a catastrophe and all of our losses were covered under insurance.  We had two years to replace all that we lost.  One of the line items I noted as a loss was a box of books. 

Now before you go thinking, "awe, Whitney, that's horrible.  You lost a bunch of your childhood books," take heart.  The books I lost were the ones I didn't apparently love enough to appropriately store.  

But the short of this long story is that I put off replacing the books until the last minute (heeellllooooo procrastination!)  and had to spend $200 on children's books one afternoon online. 

That's a terrible problem to have -- not!

Imagine my delight when I came home one afternoon and found this little gem on my porch!

I looove to get mail! Especially when it's packed with goodies all for me!

Some of these books mean something to me... like I read it a lot as a kid and some of them are newer and just intrigued me.  I easily could've spent twice was I was allotted.


Sorry to bog down your computers with all the photos... but I HAD to share.... it's my blogger responsibility!

I also ordered a book about monster trucks and the classic Everyone Poops, but they were both back-ordered and haven't made an appearance yet!

Now, which one should I read to the dogs tonight at bed time?


  1. I am shipping the kids to your house to have stories read to them. You are set for at least an hour:)

  2. I smiled when I read this post! Some of the books are ones still sitting on my parents' bookshelf from my childhood. Lately, I've been thinking about re-reading the Boxcar Children series. I have some GC from Amazon, so maybe I'll go shopping!

  3. I love, and fondly remember, a handful of those books. Can't say I recall "Everyone Poops," but I'm sure it's a classic...

    On another note, I left you an award over at my blog, check it out when you're finished with your reading!

  4. Hey - your email's not linked up yet!

    But thanks so much for your comments. The money lost is staggering. For the entire farm, it's over 40,000. But since we only own 10%, it's less for us, but still a lot!

  5. Loved the pictures, i always think it is a christmas when i get my books in!


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