Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Why I hate laundry...

Can someone tell me.... is this normal?

There are only two grown adults living here and we have this many different breeds of socks!

It just ain't right....

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(P.S. -- yes that's aluminum foil laying on the back of my couch and yes that's my bra in the background... and yes, that's even more proof at how lazy I am to not edit my own pictures.  So don't think to yourself, "oh, Whitney, how embarrassing!  You just posted a picture of your bra for anyone in the world to see!" because I know its there.  Just know it IS clean... I was doing laundry, after all.  And, yes, now I know that you will not even see the socks in this photo because you're going to be looking for my bra.  And, yes, I know this is supposed to be a 'wordless' post... and I've gone and shot that down now, haven't I?)


  1. too funny!! Maybe now I will do my laundry...or maybe not... haha!!

  2. I prefer doing laundry than scrubbing/mopping floors.

  3. ha ha! Last year we pitched all of Craig's socks....except for one kind....then we bought 2-3 bags that were just alike. Now my laundry/sock situation is much simpler. Wish it was that easy with the kids' socks, though...


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