Monday, August 2, 2010

Going Goth at the Indiana State Fair!

Oh my GOODeness!  

You know that painting "American Gothic" with the farmer and his wife and know.... that one that gets replicated all the time with them holding different thing besides the pitchfork....?  Anyone?  Anyone out there?  

If you saw said painting, you'd know what I'm talking about.... it looks kinda like this? 

Except... this version is 25 feet tall!  (and very cool I might add!)  And it's at the Indiana State Fair (among a TON of other cool things!)

You can nearly see right up their noses!  (yes, I'm a grown adult and yes, I still find that kind of humor funny)

Look at that... the statue is even painted to look like the painting... ummm... well,  you know what I mean.

Moral of the story blog is this -- it's cool and you should go see it! 

(you can see more of the cool stuff happening at the Indiana State Fair here! It's the Year of Pigs!)

Oh, but how? where do I find the tickets? I can't afford to pay for 4 tickets for my family AND buy the kiddos all the cotton candy they can shove in their mouths! What is a person to do?!!!

Soooo glad you asked! 

I'm taking part in the Indiana State Fair ticket giveaway!  (cue cheering and applause)

To kick things off, the Indiana Soybean Alliance has given me and a gaggle of my blogging friends 4 Indiana State Fair tickets each to giveaway on our blogs to our readers!

So here is how you enter:
  • Winner of 4 Indiana State Fair Tickets courtesy of the Indiana Soybean Alliance will be chosen at random on August 10.
  • Each person is eligible for 2 entries: 1 entry for following this blog and 1 entry for commenting
  • GOODEness Gracious is offering an extra entry for becoming a fan on Facebook at
  • Please leave a separate comment below for each entry. (If you are already a blog follower or Facebook fan, please just post a separate comment sayin' so :)
  • Hop on over to all of the following blogs for multiple chances to win!

 (I was supposed to have this post up much earlier this morning... sorry!  I'm late for everything.... but that's a blog for another day!)

Happy contesting!!!

(Editor's (Whitney's) note: the winner of the contest was announced here!)

until the next adventure....


  1. Very cool pics! These guys will be forever old; bet the wish they had been immortalized a few years earlier ;-)

  2. Very cool picutres is exactly right! Can't wait to see them in person.

  3. I so can't wait to go stick my kids in front of it!

  4. Looking forward to heading to the Indy State Fair in two weeks (would love to win your tickets!). It looks like that statue is on the "back" side of the fair--a nice ride around the fair from the pig barn.

  5. That statue is really cool and those are great pictures! I became a google follower and would love to win the tickets. Thanks for the chance!

  6. I am a new followere,please feel free to stop by and visit our family blog.

  7. This statue is so awesome,we are going to use this for a homeschool field trip.Love your blog.

  8. Hi,
    I just found your blog through Jamie's and it's super cute! Looking forward to getting to know you better. If you have time stop by mine and say hi! Have a great day!

  9. I love the fair soooo much! I am a city girl (raised in Indy), so this is my little bit o' country every year. Was also my boyfriend and I's first date 3 years ago.

  10. Just a fun fact about the American Gothic painting (known by Grant Wood fans all over): That's a farmer and his DAUGHTER...not a wife.
    Changes the whole meaning, doesn't it????
    Enjoy the fair!!

  11. I have never been to any state fair anywhere and would love to have Indy be my first time!!


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