Thursday, February 10, 2011

Randomness in all its glory

Hi team.  How's life been treating you?

Mine has been...ugh....random.  I've been lacking in routine since the holidays and then this big of crapshoot of a snow/ice/sleet/yuck storm has been dragging me down.

However, since Hubs is traveling for work and he had a Monster Jam in Tampa, you know I wasn't about to miss out on the chance to soak up some sun!

To kick off the ramblings, here's a bit about my trip to Tampa:
*the flights there sucked. Due to the weather, my flights got rescheduled and the day I was planning to spend gallivanting around Tampa with Hubs was spent in three airports.
*Airports give me the heebie-jeebies.  It seems like they are just a big germ-pool of compressed air passengers. Don't get me started on the actual planes and the icki-ness.
*Got there and spent two whole days in jeans and t-shirts!  No jackets or hats or gloves to keep track of!  I saw my shadow!
*But it POURED during the entire show on Saturday night.  Cold and wet for three hours...not fun. (but the guys got a freestyle win, so that was good.  Go Max D!)

*We also had our own hotel room... I peed with the door open and everything! I'm such a rebel! (I pee with the door open at the house now, too, but it's only because Little Man opens it while I'm in there and says, "What you doin', Witnee?"

Other ramblings:
*New nephew is set to make his appearance tomorrow at noon (scheduled c-section for the SIL).

Isn't she gorgeous?!
(And won't she be thrilled when she sees herself on this here Internet and I didn't ask her first?)
My duties surrounding this birth is to keep the house in order, the dogs fed and watered and be on call for whatever the fam needs.  (And to do a lot of my own laundry and cleaning while they are all at the hospital.)

*Oldest dog, the hairy one, had some sort of skin allergy or something a couple weeks ago.  Vet gave him steroids and some antibiotic to keep the areas he broke skin from scratching from getting infected.  Vet also told me to stop giving him treats and switch his food completely.  The food he and the other two were on had the main ingredients of corn, beef and poultry by products.  Guess what? EVERY freaking dog food on the planet has those three main ingredients or some sort of them.  EXCEPT (from what I could find) for the organic stuff that had lamb and rice in it... and it was $50 a bag.  That bag of food is gone and I bought them a different brand today with corn, beef and poultry by products.  Here's hoping the skin thing was a fluke... I can't afford $150 in dog food per month.  (ok, I could, but would rather not).

*My truck really needs a bath, but I'm afraid to get it washed because I'm afraid the doors will freeze shut with me inside... it's weird.  I know. I'm weird.  I know.  And, therefore, the truck's still dirty.

*I'm really missing my dishes.  Isn't that silly?  But they are all packed up from when we sold the house and moved in with Hub's bro and family.  Oh, my dear Pistoulet, I'll see you again someday soon!

*The clutter in our current living space is making me crazy.  I want to pitch everything or at least get it out of my sight.

*This snowy weather is bringing me down, dude! It's making me cranky.

Here's hoping the big warm up (and melt down) come through like the weather people are saying it will.  

Sunshine does a body good!


  1. Yup, that was pretty random.
    I agree about the germy airports!
    Hope the new baby arrives happy and healthy!

  2. This weather would make it extra hard living some place other than your own home.

    BTW- I'd miss those dishes too... LOVE them.

  3. Hope all is still going well with you...and you enjoy the slight warm up this week! :)


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