Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cute Summer Kiddos

We've been blessed with some pretty cute nieces and nephews.  It's not something we can help and certainly not something we're complaining about, but it does make it awfully hard to narrow down which pics of them to put on here!

We've been able to spend some time with them having summer fun.  And while these pics are only of about a quarter of all the kiddos, these are some of the photos I already have loaded onto the computer (and my MIL's been hounding me about not having blogged in a while).  So until I have something more meaningful to say, here's some cute summer fun pictures (from Memorial Day weekend) to update the ol' blog!

Why is it always that the fuzzy pics are some of the cutest?

He decided he didn't need a napkin, that he'd get it all using his tongue!

Hubs played some t-ball...

and pushed the swing for a while.

Awe, nothing cuter than some hot, sweaty brotherly love!  :)

He'd wear his sunglasses, but only if they' were pushed up on his head!

Nice to know someone thinks I'm funny!

And these two took turns pulling each other around in the wagon!

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