Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Movie's Characters

Who would you want to play you in a movie?  

A few months ago, I would've said Sandra Bullock, but we all know how that story's ending.  

But seriously, I do think of myself as that girl next door who keeps to  herself about most things.  I am married to a guy's-guy who spends his days playing either with trucks or in the dirt, but it pays the bills. 

I am a field editor for Indiana AgriNews, a weekly agriculture newspaper, and I travel the state listening, learning and (eventually) writing articles about all kinds of fun topics. 

I have visited with all kinds of producers from large to small, organic to commercial, from goats to buffalo, etc.  You name it, if it's a part of Indiana agriculture, I've likely seen it -- and if I haven't, I want to!

Besides agriculture through work, my hubby and I live in the country on a dead end road.  While it sounds fun, quiet and quaint, the place we have isn't where we want to be "forever."  That being said, the house and property is up for sale and I'm sure there'll be plenty of posts on that (unless it sells today -- two showings!)

I am from a farming family and I love that.  I had always thought I would end up back at the farm, but have found myself as a communicator for the industry instead.  I don't get as much dirt under my nails, but I also don't normally have to put in 14 hour days at the paper.

Back to my movie... after all, this blog's about me!

I'd need a studly man to play my hubby,

 a couple of outstanding folks to play my folks, about a half dozen ladies to be my sisters-in-law, about as many guys to be brothers-in-law, one dude to play my brother and about a dozen monkeys to play all my nieces and nephews.  Then there are my awesome in-laws and  my grandparents who need to be on the set, too.

We'll need to cast three dogs -- a little one, a big one and a hairy one.  I would say I could just cast my real dogs to play themselves, but they aren't the most social (the neighbor kids are scared of them b/c they get a bit too excited.  Could you imagine them on a movie set?!)

(The movie isn't in production yet, so don't hold your breath!)

Until next time...

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