Sunday, April 25, 2010

Summer's Coming!

We all have our own reasons for liking -- or loving -- summer.  For me, I prefer the mild temps of Spring before all the bugs come out, but summer's pretty awesome, too, for its late sunsets and cookouts and all those fun things that groom us all from an early age to long for the season.

But, the best part about summer in the world I live in is the annual shaving of the dogs!  I know it sounds strange, but this is the life I lead -- one where coming home from work and seeing that the hubs has shaved The Hairy One just makes my week!

Here's The Hairy One before:

And here he is after his summer 'do:

The hubby says he looks like a lamb, and compared to his hairy-self before, I can agree.

But the best part about having the dog shaved is no more huge clumps of hair all over the furniture (and carpet and blankets and everything else) -- and that's why I am so happy to see it done... even if he looks like lamb.

(Although, side note to any of you who might have participated in livestock judging through FFA or 4-H or college, I do fight the urge to walk up behind him and run my hands down his back and over his ribs to see how close to "finished" he is.  Wait... that just got weird....)

After The Hairy One became The Naked-Looking One, it started to rain and I haven't been able to spend enough time outside to give The Little One his haircut, so that post will have to wait.

Until next time... I'll keep sweeping up his dog hair!

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