Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Day, Tiny Computer

Big Day!

Whoa, we got new computers here in the office today and lemme say, these boogers are small!

I've named her Bluebelle (because she's navy blue, but I don't know if you can see that or not!)  

The static cling plastic is still on her, too.  I like to let things seem as new as possible for as long as possible to prevent that crying breakdown where I sob, "Can't I just have something nice for a change!"   (Like the time I hit a coon in my brand new car and broke the air-dam in two -- and two months later totaled it on a highway that was NOT surrounded by corn but rather semi trucks!  Her name was Ruby and I miss her)

But just for some perspective, that's my AP Stylebook it is sitting on and for those of you - if any of you - live and die by an AP Stylebook, you know it's ain't the biggest book on the shelf.  (It is about the only book on my shelf, though!) (And, note to regular readers, AP style is not permitted in this blog!)

And yes, that's a Max D tiny toy truck sitting next to it.  (My life has a lot to do with Monster Jam, there will be more on that in posts to come, I'm sure.)  Playing with the toy truck helps me through writer's block, and yes, I'm kinda a tomboy like that. 

Anywhoo, I'm still typing on a wireless keyboard because Bluebelle's keyboard is a bit cramped for my Goliath fingers until I get used to it.  

But it's exciting to think about what fun stories I'll get to write on Miss Bluebelle... it's a great time to be involved in agriculture!

Till Next Time...


  1. Cris, You naming El made me not feel crazy for naming my cars, computers, etc...! Thanks for that!


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