Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Reflections

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

By my understanding, this holiday was created to honor the workingmen and workingwomen around this country.  It’s supposed to be a day off from work in order to rest, relax and recoup. 

Labor day is the unofficial end of summer, when cool mornings and brisk days begin to usher in the fall season.  And in the world I live in, fall equals harvest time. 

While I was enjoying my time off and driving through the countryside to meet up with some of my family, there they were – the farmers – in the fields, having no idea they were supposed to be relaxing and enjoying a long weekend. 

Farmers know nothing about planned time off as laid out by a calendar or the summer/winter solstice.  They work on their own schedules, which are often determined by the weather, and can be all switched up by a few drops of rain. 

But as I took full advantage of my three-day weekend with beautiful weather by sleeping in and accomplishing only menial tasks, the farmers and producers were out in the fields and barns, as usual, carrying on their daily tasks of growing food for all of us. 

So to all of the farmers, thank you.  Thank you for working hard when the rest of us are resting our brains and bodies.  Thank you for growing my food.  Thank you for having the heart to do so and for choosing the life you have. 

Thank you for raising your families on your farms and teaching your children what no education system can – a love for the environment, a respect for the animals and deep-seeded urgency to get the job done to the best of their abilities.

Much like another group of unsung heroes, the men and women of the armed forces, thank you for doing your jobs so that I can continue to do mine and go home each night to my family.  Thank you for honoring your God-given gift of serving the land or the people so that I am free to continue to do the job and live the life I love.

To everyone out there who didn’t have to work today because of the holiday, I hope you’ll take the time to thank a farmer or a person in the service or at least send a quick word up to the Heavens for them. 

Much like the great folks in the Army, Navy, Military, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, etc., farmers need your prayers for safety, too.  While far from a war zone, the fields, the barnyards and around the heavy equipment can all be dangerous places. 

You’ll all be in my prayers today as we celebrate Labor Day as well as every other day that I have the chance to get up and go to work.

Thank you for feeding me, protecting me and trusting me to write the articles that tell your stories. 

Happy Labor Day and until the next adventure...


  1. This is an awesome post - very well said!

  2. Amen! What a great post. My husband was truly "laboring" today. :)


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