Saturday, October 16, 2010

It’s the little things….

Ever have one of those days when it seems like the second your eyes pop open in the morning the world has it out for you?  But then, somewhere in the day it tends to all make sense?

Ever been driving on a rural, two lane highway behind some sslllloooowwww person and getting frustrated and muttering (or shouting if that’s your thing) to the slow poke?  But then, you round a curve or come over the crest of a hill and there’s a cop speed checking cars?  And you immediately feel like a punk for getting mad at the snail car in front of you because it just saved you from a speeding ticket?

Events like that make me stop and a say a little “thank you” prayer to God for knowing what’s best for me, even when I thought I knew better.

Jump back a month or so ago with me -- Hubs and I had just moved into our new “place” (a spare bedroom at his brother’s house).  One of our three dogs chewed up the charger for my phone while I was gone.  I was irritated, but rolled my eyes and rolled with the punches.  I have a vehicle charger for the phone so I can only charge it now when I’m driving.

Now jump back a few days with me -- I had to get up earlier than usual and I set my alarm on my phone.  I woke up an hour late.  My phone was dead.  “Dead’er a doornail,” as my Grandpa would say.  I had no alarm to get me out of bed and no way to call a co-worker and tell them I was running late.

I walked downstairs to let the dogs out just as my sister-in-law was leaving the drive.  She was leaving on time…. The exact same time I was supposed to be leaving.

Her hubs was entertaining their son and getting the little man dressed for the day.  They were laughing and talking and having a good morning.

Minutes later, brother-in-law gets a call from his wife that she had just been in an accident in their brand new truck.  He left to go check on her and the truck (she’s several months pregnant) and I hung out with the little man (although his chipperness went away as soon as his daddy rushed out without him!).

The truck has some bumper damage, but the sister-in-law and baby are both fine.  Insurance will handle the details.

Here’s my point - if our dog hadn’t chewed up my phone charger a month ago, my alarm would’ve gone off, I would’ve gotten up on time and left when she did.  It could’ve been me in that fender bender or, at the least, I wouldn’t be there to help out with the little guy.

I’ve learned that it isn’t worth getting hung up on the details when things don’t seem to be going my way and this was a great example of that.

It makes me wonder about the all the little decisions we make every day and how those could carry big impact on down the road for myself or someone else.

When sister-in-law hit the car in front of her, the guy driving it didn’t have a license or insurance.  Maybe her fender-bender (actually it was a bumper-breaker) was God’s way of getting that guy’s attention and her brand new truck had to be a casualty.

So next time your phone battery dies, you’re stuck behind a slow poke or a small wrench gets thrown into your plans, try to remember to be patient because your small inconvenience could save your life…. Or at least your bumper.


  1. Whitney, that's SUCH a great way to look at things. I bet we would all be a lot happier and less stressed if we could adopt that attitude all the time. :)

  2. So true! I used to be really good at thinking this way when something would happen and happened and I have abandoned the practice. It really does make a difference when you really think about things. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Good point, Whitney!
    Things happen for a reason!

  4. Thanks for the perspective and I'm glad everyone is OK!


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