Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (almost on Thursday!)

It seems that I continue to leave my external hard drive at whatever laptop I'm not using to blog, so I'm more than a bit behind on the blogging with pics.

But here's a few pics from around these parts....

Let's start out with our niece-dog, Nina.  I swear this is the longest she's sat still since we've lived with her!

Here is the fearsome four-some.  The three in the front row are ours and Nina is all alone in the back row.  This is the closest they all would get to each other and you can see the two girls (the G Shepherds) are already distracted by something else. 

Here's a nice one of the girls, except that they are both sticking their tongues out at me....geesh... kids!

Until the next adventure...


  1. The first pic is really good! Cute kids and neice!

  2. Great pics, but it looks like there may need to be some attitude adjusting if they continue the tongue thing ;-) Too cute!


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