Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No news is good news....right?

oh dear blogger buddies... I need you.  (and those are not words I mutter often... I am very much a Rosie the Riveter type!)

But here's the situation... I'm missing my Hubs.

You see, he's gone to work and won't be back until (hopefully) Thanksgiving.

He's gone truckin' with a team from here...

He does a lot of work on this truck...
(that's him... the baldy at the bottom of the truck... isn't he cute!) (photo courtesy of sassyfrazz.blogspot.com)

And always before he's stayed in the country.  But this morning, he and the the majority of the Freestyle Mania team are crossing the border into Mexico.  They're en route to Guadalajara (or as he refers to it "good-a-la-hair-a")

After the freestyle mania show there this weekend,  they'll head to Mexico City for the next weekend's shows.

Then they'll book it back to the border, hopefully get across without any incident, and be home in time to have turkey day with their families.

In the meantime, I'm doing a lot of this....

And this weekend I'm going to do some (ok, a lot!) of this....

All to keep me from doing this...
(Cute pendent courtesy of Indypendants on Etsy!)

(I'll also be go to a wedding and cleaning my abode -- and the commode! ha ha ha!)

I'm only going to be talking to the man of my dreams a small amount unless there's an emergency.  So we're going with the "no news is good news" policy.

But all I can do until then is pray and try not to worry.

In the past, I never would have told the entire Web that my hubs was outta town, but I (thankfully) am not living alone this season, so I'm not as bothered by it.  (I now have 4 mean attack dogs that live with me and the landlords!)

(I would also like to mention here just how much I heart the Google Image search - It's the handiest thing eva!)

I am not one to typically push my problems or worries or religion onto anyone else, but this time.... well, it's different.  If I had to get him home, I can't do it with a quick flight.  There's another country's border patrol involved...and they carry machine guns!

Anywhoo, whenever you and your family say your prayers tonight (and the next two weeks) throw a quick one in for the Monster Jam team.


Purdy puhleezzzeee

Pretty please with a cherry and sprinkles and top.


You all rock.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband! I wish I was closer so I could go to the Freeze-O-Rama, but I will have to live it vicariously through posts. I'm plotting my first of TWO friend birthday parties this month; the first one comes this Sunday. There are going to be a lot of little people raising the roof of my garage! Please pass the earplugs ;-)

  2. I'm with you, Bloggy Buddy! I'll put him--and you!--on my list!
    See you Saturday!

  3. Will defintely keep him in my prayers for a safe trip and safe return home! Hang in there.

  4. Hang in there Chick! Saying extra prayers for you my dear. Hope he makes it back in time to eat turkey!

  5. Praying for Hubby's safe return in time for Turkey Day and praying for some peace for you, my friend! :)


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