Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Disturbingly funny

If something is disturbing, is it allowed to be considered funny, too?

photo from stuckattheairport.com
On a recent trip through the IND airport (it seems that I've been there more than I like, lately) this display caught my eye.

I admit, my first reaction was to chuckle.  Cow tipping... that's an ol' wives' tale... and a funny one at that.  

But the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me. I mean, as agriculturalists, we work hard to "tell our story" so people have a fair and honest understanding of what we do on our farms. To dispel the rumors of the country bumpkin, backwoods way of life that is so far removed from the modern technology it takes to produce enough food to feed everyone.  

And then, my own home state, the state with the most pro-agriculture governor likely ever seen around these parts, goes and brands us all as the state of cow-tippers! (and we aren't talking about cows that are waitresses and deserve tipping!)  

What the heck?! I have a problem with that.  I know that the marketers that thought up this whole "Indiana is the place for cow tipping" scheme is likely not anyone that has any idea about how agriculture actually works, but this seems like a major step backwards. 

As happy as I am to see the state embracing agriculture (they were also selling Indiana grown popcorn and corn hats among other items), I'm just not sure this is the appropriate route to take. 

I will say, however, this bottom photo is a photo of the magnet that I bought.  After all, I was headed home from Vegas and the idea that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" was a bit too fresh in my mind... or maybe it describes where I'd like to take the person that dreamed up the idea that Indiana should be branded as the official cow tipping state. 

But at least this one doesn't make Hoosiers synonymous with animal abuse...

Am I reading into this too much? Should I have just laughed and kept walking? I don't know, but this whole Indiana cow tipping thing really stuck in my crawl....


  1. I absolutely do not understand this whole marketing thing.

    If there is somebody crazy enough to come to our farm and try this cow tipping thing (because they saw it on some T-shirt), i will blow their socks off...


  2. Hmm. Interesting. I have never seen this before. (Then again, I haven't flown through Indy before.) But I do like the last magnet! I will let you know, I won't be giving cow tipping a try any time soon....well, ever....even if there are some cows at the farm!

  3. I have seen those at the airports and never really liked them myself. I don't like the sterotype that it associates with agriculture. Sadly those shirts have been there over a year, so perhaps they aren't selling very well.


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