Saturday, April 16, 2011

Operation: Relocation

Hello Bloggy Buddies!

Well, my life's been relocated.  I went from my quaint upstairs dwellings at my B-I-L's house with his fam to actually living with the guy I married one state away.  It's been about a week now that we've been co-habitating (is that the right use of that word?) again and it's been a bit of shell shock for us both.

First off, let me say that I haven't had a fountain Diet Coke or fountain Dt. Mt. Dew since LAST SUNDAY! My last one was literally on the drive over.  And that lack of fizzy-wonderfulness isn't because of some vow I've made or me trying to be a better person, it's because I haven't eaten out since last Sunday!  Again, not because I'm trying to improve my life, but because we're on money lock-down until I get a new job and that includes not going anywhere or spending the cash to eat out.  Instead, I've been working my way through 2-liters (I haven't bought 2-liters since high school youth group lock-ins) because they are uber-cheap when compared to the canned version of pop.  (BTW, when I was at the local IGA tonight, I noticed there are 20-packs of Coke products... not 24.... and they are not cheaper...just an FYI observation.  You're welcome.)  That also means I HAVE cooked everyday for the last week...that's two meals a day b/c Hubs comes home for lunch.. if bologna sandwiches and potato chips count as a meal  ;)  My new hometown ain't a big place, so there aren't a lot of opportunities to drive-thru, unless you want Hardee's.

In the move, some of our frozen foods thawed out, so we've been eating our way through those this week.  It included a few of my remaining Freeze-O-Rama meals including Texas Two Step Soup, Quiche, Chicken Pot Pie, Shepherd's Pie, Kale Pesto Pasta and some Cheeseburger Soup.  It was all REALLY good stuff and got me off the hook for being creative in the kitchen. (which was also convenient because somehow we managed to bring our "essentials" we didn't bring any knives, other than a large plastic lettuce knife.)

Also tonight when at the local IGA, one of the listings for aisle 5 among the cereal, granola, etc was "Jesus is the way."  It made me laugh and just goes to show you that you can pick up some Jesus anywhere, even at the grocery!

So the apartment isn't bad, but it isn't my lovely large yard where I can just let the dogs out and check on them out the window every 30 mins or so.  It also has ugly countertops (they look like they are covered in dead leaves! ugh) but Hubs reminds me I only have to look at them for six months.

It also includes a gas range, which I'm told is the hard-core chef's preference, but I've almost caught a potholder on fire twice, a towel once and my hair once.  Seriously, I gotta watch that.... and update our renter's insurance.

Anywhoo, just wanted to drop a blog on ya'll and let you know that I'm still here and kickin' and once I have some fun stuff to take pics of, I'll post those too.  I'm excited because I have more time now to craft and blog.... except we only brought the essentials with us over here.  That means I have my sewing machine, but none of my fabric stash, don't have my silhouette machine, my scrapbooks, etc.

But I guess that just leaves me more time to job hunt ;)


  1. Hang in there. This time is the stuff fun stories are made of in a few years: "Remember when we lived at ...... and the ....." ;-)

  2. I'm so sad that you aren't going to be tooling around the state anymore but glad that we'll stay in touch via the blogging world, hopefully.

  3. Hey! I heard you finally packed up and left town. (and didn't say good-bye...sniff...)
    Missed you at the regular meetin' this week.
    I hope the relocation goes well. I've done the follow-the-husband-and-look-for-a-job-thing myself. (Bet you can guess where I landed that job! haha!) I was a gourmet chef for about 4 months!
    At least you're back together full time!


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